Backend Developer Skills You Must Have
Backend Developer Skills You Must Have

So, while you will certainly be coding with back end languages, don’t picture that as being the only thing you’ll do as a back end web developer. One must have knowledge about some popular Databases like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc. He/She should also be proficient in relational and non-relational databases .

Back-end developers usually write web services and APIs used by front-end developers and mobile application developers. A back-end web developer is responsible for server-side web application logic and integration of the work front-end developers Web Developer do. Back-end developers are usually write the web services and APIs used by front-end developers and mobile application developers. Our specialists will create logic and architecture for your future website and make sure it functions properly.

PythonPython – Python was first curated by Guido van Rossum in 1991. In this article, we will discuss more about the skills required to become a backend developer. For major computer subsystems, a graphical file manager is a frontend to the computer's file system, and a shell interfaces with the operating system. The frontend faces the user, and the backend launches the programs of the operating system in response.

Also called universal rendering, isomorphic rendering is a new technique used in modern web development. Frontend and backend are two of the most used terms in the computer industry; in a way, they became buzzwords. They dictate the type of job you do as a software developer, the technologies you use and how much you get paid. It’s a complete hands-on course where you will learn by building apps and Angela explains every single concept used for building those apps. I highly recommend this course to anyone who prefers project-based learning. JavaScript is one of the most important technologies for web developers and that’s why I have included one on this list.

Skills And Tools Required For Front

As backend facilitates the website to function therefore frameworks are server-side backend programming languages that ease out the server configuration. PHP, an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a server-side scripting language and is one of the most widely used programming languages for backend web development. We can validate this statement by letting you know that platforms like Wikipedia, WordPress, Facebook, and many others are relying on PHP. Furthermore, there are various renowned PHP frameworks out there such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, etc. that you can consider. MongoDB is a free and open-source document-oriented database that is very much popular among web developers. This NoSQL database uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas for storage & retrieval of data and comes up with much-needed scalability and flexibility.

I personally like Colt Steele’s bootcamp style of teaching, hence, I enjoyed his course most. This course teaches you to end development like writing both client and server-side code. You will also learn how to build your own responsive websites using more advanced techniques such as jQuery, PHP 7, MySQL 5 and Twitter Bootstrap. Started as a pure client-side solution, JavaScript now allows you to build a full application without using any other technology. A framework like Node.js makes it easy to create a server-side application using JavaScript.


Web development, in general, is getting a lot of traction in recent years. With that, more and more companies/ businesses are realizing its true importance for generating/capturing leads, and for building a robust online presence for brand awareness. Therefore, they need talented designers and developers to develop top-performing websites based on the latest tech stack and market trends. If you have an interest in learning cutting-edge technology like React, Spring Microservices, Redux, Angular, and Vue.js, then these web development courses are good to start with. You will get exposure to many client sides and server-side technology by going through these courses. Most of these frameworks are written in popular programming languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript.

And the best way to do something comes out of necessity or interest. Once you consider yourself good enough with the minimum requirements, it's time to acquire the recommended skills. This includes all the tools like Docker and NGiNX mentioned above. It also allows you to create online git repositories on sites like GitHub, which acts as a central source of truth for your website. Sites like GitHub can be configured with special webhooks that can actually update your website whenever you add a new checkpoint without you ever needing to manually go to the server and update it yourself.

backend web development

The average salary for someone with the title “Senior Backend Developer” is $113,687. Backend development can be a lucrative and satisfying career field. By submitting this form, you agree that Trilogy Education Services may contact you regarding this boot camp. Your personal data will be used as described in our privacy policy.

Backend Developer Salary

You will understand web architecture, including databases, and how web or mobile applications will interact with that API. You will also understand the role that developers play on an overall product team to prepare you for a transition into a work environment. Toptal is a marketplace for top back-end developers and coders. Fireart Studio is a full-cycle software development and web design company with proven expertise in the field that provides excellent backend development services. Our strong and dedicated backend development team will ensure the security and resilience of your website. We provide cutting-edge backend web development solutions that meet this demand.

Frontend refers to the user-facing, whereas backend refers to the server-side of a website or application. Though both are crucial to web development, they differ by their roles, responsibilities, and the environments they work in. The front end is simply what users see whereas the backend is how everything is working behind the frontend. A backend developer should also be proficient in version control systems like Git, GitHub, and GitLab. A backend developer should have extensive knowledge about Python, PHP, and Java since they are the most in-demand technologies. It has high usefulness because of the ease of use and extensive libraries offered for backend development.

  • He also has some experience with blockchain technology and a master's degree in applied mathematics.
  • Find out how I changed my life by teaching myself digital skills here.
  • Talking about the Postman, it is an Application Programming Interface tool that allows you to build, test, and modify APIs conveniently and efficiently.
  • Backend developers are often called in to add new CMS features or debug an existing CMS.
  • Everything that we use and see in our daily lives has moved to the web.
  • It’s more interactive with a mix of theory, sessions, exercises, demos, and research assignments.
  • The content will be “fixed,” meaning that large pieces of new data will not be constantly uploaded.

When you navigated to this website, the Udacity servers sent information to your computer or mobile device, which turned into the page you’re seeing right now. Your website needs a database to manage all the customer and product information. A database stores website content in a structure that makes it easy to retrieve, organize, edit, and save data. There are many different databases that are widely used, such as MySQL, SQL Server, PostgresSQL, and Oracle. Your new site will need to have additional backend components to make it a dynamic web application—a website whose content can change based on what is in its database, and that can be modified by user input. This is distinct from a static website, which doesn’t require a database because its content generally stays the same.

Backend Language #1: Java

In network computing, frontend can refer to any hardware that optimizes or protects network traffic. It is called application front-end hardware because it is placed on the network's outward-facing frontend or boundary. Network traffic passes through the front-end hardware before entering the network. Note that both positions, despite possibly working on one product, have a very distinct set of skills. In telecommunication, the front can be considered a device or service, while the back is the infrastructure that supports provision of service. Just tell us about your project, what are your goals, and let's start.

As with any job, back-end web development salary will differ from state to state, and according to your exact position and experience. However, current national average web developer salary is $69,525, with the very top earners demanding up to six figure salaries. We often praise front-end developers and designers for their excellent visual work and user experiences.

Learn how to become a web developer. - Forbes

Learn how to become a web developer..

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To begin this journey, we need to understand the concept of site rendering. In layman's terms, site rendering means generating or rendering HTML output. HTML is a markup language that web developers use to create web pages. It's said that site rendering can happen both at server-side or client-side level, so what does this mean? That’s all about the best courses to learn both frontend and backend Web development in depth. You don’t need to go through all of them, but I suggest watching their previews and choosing the course where you best connect with the instructor.

Data Structures And Algorithms

In this guide, we’ll unpack the role of the back-end developer in website development. We’ll explain what these developers are responsible for, what their day-to-day looks like, and what skills you’ll need to have a fruitful career in this field. If you're a full-time backend developer, you do not really need to care about what goes on inside those HTML, CSS and JavaScript files you send to the user's browser. Instead, you've to focus more on the performance of the server, the server code, and throughput. It is a containerization platform that allows you to create, deploy, and run applications without any hassle with the help of containers. Some of the other considerable advantages of using Docker are – Rapid Application Deployment, Scalability & Flexibility, In-Built Version Control System, Security & Cost-Effective, and many others.

backend web development

A database stores the data and site content in a way that makes it simple to recover, arrange, alter, and store information. A backend developer should have extensive knowledge of various DBMS technologies. It was first developed by Microsoft in response to Oracle’s Java programming language. With all this upsurge in technological advancements, we got exposed to a new domain known as Web Development.

REST is faster than SOAP, and many developers find it easier to work with. However, SOAP has higher security than REST and includes built-in retry logic to compensate when communication fails. Backend developers rate their career satisfaction as better than average. The person responsible for this behind-the-scenes work is called a backend developer. Front end or back end development, consider honing your skills at a San Francisco web developer class if you are based in the Bay Area. Generally speaking, the main difference between front and back end development is the particular area of focus.

While front-end development is about making sites and web applications render on the client-side, back-end development is all about making these apps render server-side. While the previous statement holds true, back-end developers also create services that process business logic and access other resources such as databases, file servers, cloud services and more. These services are the backbone of any application and can be accessed and used not only by server-side rendering apps but also from client-side rendering apps. While JQuery is going out of style , many legacy projects still use JavaScript library, so don't be surprised to see it on a bootcamp's curriculum. You’ll also learn tons about responsive design along with typography, layouts, grid system, and color theory. When anticipating types of projects you’ll work on as a front end developer, think creating and redesigning websites.

Professional, reliable, and quick to respond to inquiries, they oversee a smooth workflow." “Boasting an outstanding quality of work, Fireart Studio implemented web designs that reflected the client's vision. The team was reliable and communicative, making for a smooth collaboration. They successfully delivered an online presence that the client is more than satisfied with." 80%of professional developers have completed some form of higher education. NoSQL refers to databases that store information in ways other than a relational table.

Backend Language #9: Go

There, he performed research and development in military logistics and developed software for a satellite ground system. Aaron started with Walmart in 2014, where he has worked on mobile application development, enterprise master data management and retail analytics. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to create a web API from scratch and deploy it to a cloud-based hosting provider.

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