Twitter to face govt’s ire for not taking off offensive content on Assam violence
Twitter to face govt’s ire for not taking off offensive content on Assam violence

Specifically, the different audiences we have who may want to reuse or remix the content we are creating as part of the open textbook project. But I digress because this isn’t about heritage structures. It is about contributing something to the greater good; something with educational value. By contributing to the Wikimedia Commons, I am, in a small way, making a bit of knowledge that much more accessible by making it visible in the web’s largest information repository. And it got me to thinking about why I share and how I share the stuff I create.

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During your trial you will have complete digital access to with everything in both of our Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages. Williams also added, “It's like being kidnapped by a very posh circus. You get taken in a car, and the crunch of gravel tells you you've arrived at a stately home, and then there's a big top the way you go in and come out looking like a member of the royal family. BBC 'virtue signalling' row deepens as Alex Scott wears 'OneLove' LGBT armband while reporting on Iran match... The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The new film - a follow-up of 2019's Knives Out with Craig returning as Detective Benoit Blanc - will arrive on the big screen November 23 for a one-week theatrical run before it debuts on Netflix December 23.

It puts the control of curriculum back into the educators hand and encourages a deeper connection to the material. You become personally invested in something that you create. It then becomes something unique to you, something you become passionate about because of that personal investment you have to the material. Teacher proofing is a very curriculum centered approach to education where the content IS the course and designed generically enough that anyone could teach the course & have the same outcomes.

FIFA World Cup Day 2 Live Updates: USA vs Wales in the final match of the day

There are many people to thank for making the past week possible. First and foremost, the 5 Geography faculty who were brave enough to commit to locking themselves in a room with a bunch of strangers to write a book in an incredibly short amount of time. The first to sign on was Arthur Green of Okanagan College, followed by Britta Ricker , Siobhan McPhee , Aviv Ettya , and Cristina Temenos .

acciones en netflix

Being online is a much more important factor in reuse and adaptation that being openly licensed. See, I have this crazy belief that this thing called the internet has changed things, and I see OER and open textbooks as beautiful examples of what the internet enables. They certainly are not the pedagogical be all and end all of living in a networked myfactory world. As I stated in my last post, the real problem is that, we have embedded a culture of textbooks so deeply within our education systems that it is almost impossible for many to imagine there are other ways of doing things. The main project on the go right now is (what I’ve called) the BC open education infrastructure project.

Netflix 'The Crown' Dominic West, Olivia Williams share their experience, more

But, with some luck, we should have the copy editing underway in July and completed early August. After that, I’ll be undertaking a thorough review of the book looking closely at how the resources we used are attributed. During the sprint, attribution 10 Tools Used By Java Programmers In Day To Day Life of resources was often noting more than a link to where we found it . But these resources are not attributed correctly, so that needs to be reviewed and corrected. It turned out to be one of the more revelatory experiences of my event filled spring.

The Festival is being organized by the BC Teaching & Learning Council. I’ve been doing some research on Next Generation Digital Learning Environments and think it might be another useful way to frame some of the work we are doing with open edtech. Educause has a 7 Things paper and a deeper white paper on NGDLE, and Phil Hill has written about NGDLE as well if you want to dig in further. These principles are reminiscent of the 10 learning data principles set out by the Data Quality Campaign and the Consortium for School Networking.

  • A powerful tool for students to work with the tools that they want to work with.
  • In addition to the Online News Media, we have been bringing out Technology For You DIGITAL Magazine also with Latest Tech News & Updates.
  • As I went through the course the first time, I noticed a number of problems.
  • Things I haven’t thought or written about in years.
  • From a reuse and remixability perspective, this makes a textbook modular.

But one of the really important reasons I share on the web is because I am an educator. I want others to be able to use the stuff I share to better understand their world. If a word I write, or a photo I take or a video I make helps someone somewhere understand something a bit better, then I am a happy man. …which I have walked by and through hundreds of times over the past 20 years on my way to work when I worked at Camosun College (and was/is used by students as a smoke shelter), is actually a historically significant structure in my neighbourhood. Apparently, this little structure is a leftover from the days when a trolly used to roll up and down Richmond Road. However, this wide difference could be attributed to the fact that adaptation wasn’t explicitly defined in the research and was left open for the respondents to determine what qualified as adapting content.


They understand that, as academics, they have an important role to play in helping to maintain the accuracy, breadth and diversity of Wikipedia. Faculty like Dr. James Heilmanand Dr. Amin Azzam who regularly correct misinformation on Wikipedia articles about health. Theoretical foundations for the program emphasize open pedagogy and network learning. The motivation that it gives to students that what they do matters in the world. That they are contributing to something bigger and greater than themselves. Yes, it would have an even greater impact if this work was released with an open license, but the fact that this work is not openly licensed doesn’t make it any less of an open pedagogy exercise to me.

acciones en netflix

Maybe I hit upon the exception rather than the rule. But after seeing the level of edu involvement at the Chemsitry conference, it underscored that I need to find out and do some deeper research into discipline specific association conferences. And it double underlined for me how deeply higher ed faculty are connected to their discipline. The Wikimedia Commons maintains a page listing image requests.

The different business models do not face an equal balance of challenges. The movers would be in better nick if the industry had meaningful barriers to entry. The streamers might have been able to bat away new entrants if network effects had been stronger. And the creepers were in reasonable shape until Apple and Alphabet spoiled their party.

I always knew we wanted to do some kind of research with our open textbook project, but in those early days I had a tough time figuring out how to pull it off. I am not a Ph.D. and, despite the fact that BCcampus as a whole is a research project in the eyes of our parent institution SFU, we don’t do the kind of research typical of research projects. Both Mary and I tried to jump through a few administrative hoops to work with the SFU Research Office to make a research project happen, but it felt like we were getting bogged down in the weeds. We’re beginning to see institutions move towards this approach where the LMS is more the middleware that handles the administrative functions of course management, and faculty mix and match the learning tools to meet their goals. Phil Hill wrote a post about the University of North Carolina Learning Technology Commons where faculty can log into choose learning tools from an approved list of tools that will integrate with the existing LMS – the idea of a learning tools app store.

SoftBank's Masayoshi Son faces shareholders shaken by $34-billion loss

Kathryn Hahn, 49, looked flawless in a caped black gown, which she paired with dangling white earrings. Hudson has been busy promoting the Netflix sequel, in which she stars opposite Daniel Craig, 54, who was the leading man in the hugely successful first 2019 film - titled Knives Out - as well. The Almost Famous star accessorized her stylish look with a few dainty necklaces and rings. Joining her at the event were co-stars Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, and Kathryn Hahn, as well as creator Rian Johnson and actor Saul Rubinek. Coursera vs OCW are fundamentally different in this regard. Open Courseware material empowers educators whereas Coursera material creates dependency.

SoftBank, others may pare FirstCry stake pushing company valuation to $4 billion

I mean, you are taking a whole bunch of disparate content – a textbook from here, some course readings from here, some quiz questions you create, a YouTube video – and you stick it all together to create “a course”. Isn’t a course the result of remixing a whack of content together? (Before the ID’s reading this go apoplectic, I know that there is much more than content selection that goes into course development. My example is merely to make the point that “remix” is something educators do all the time already).

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